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Fountain X is a fitness and wellness studio

We are dedicated to performance-based training in a fun and collaborative environment where we teach you how to train like an athlete. We are results-driven and focus on holistic health and recovery so you can prevent injuries and continually see positive change. Fountain X offers an unparalleled extension of services that allows us to manage your personal health journey, enabling peak performance in every area of life.

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At Fountain X, our programming is both progressive and data-driven, ensuring that our members train smarter, not harder. Our focus is on peak performance for every member, whether they are a rising young athlete, a pro competitor, or everyday individual looking to educate themselves and change the narrative of their personal health journey.

We believe that everybody can train like an athlete. We are detail-oriented and dive deep into the architectural flow of our club, continually making small changes that allow us to deliver highly effective workouts. Fountain X brings together some of the biggest brands in fitness, including Technogym, Keiser and MyEquilibria. We combine our equipment with Artificial Intelligence (AI), ensuring that members can track their progress to get the best results of their lives.

While we offer premium equipment and classes, what makes Fountain X truly special is that it’s so much more than a gym. Our parent company, Fountain Life, a proactive healthcare platform, gives our members access to early detection methodologies, cutting-edge nutrition, and active recovery techniques to enhance overall wellness.

Find out how we’re redefining fitness to help you reach peak performance in all areas of your life.

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HIIT Class Fountain X
50 minutes of high-intensity interval training on our smart performance equipment and a variety of exercises on athletic turf.
Perform Class Fountain X
A 50 minute mix of resistance training and cardio combinations.
Power Class Fountain X
50 minutes of full-body weightlifting using barbells, dumbbells, TRX and medicine balls on our unique eight-station power rack.
Open Gym Fountain X
Access all Fountain X has to offer during all hours of operation.


We specialize in active recovery, offering a range of chiropractic and sports medicine services to help your body heal and ensure that you feel your best. This includes all of the below and more..


Strong, Functional, Lean

Everything we ask our members to do is for a scientific reason. No exercise is done by chance. Our data-driven programming builds progressive training programs that deliver results and ensure that our members reach their personal best fitness and performance levels.

Smart Strength Equipment

All members have drop-in access to our unique biocircuit training facility. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our equipment enables you to “train with a trainer” even when you’re on your own. Once you sign in, our equipment will recognize your profile and adjust to fit your body. It can help you follow a program, and the motor controller that delivers a tailored workout, will help you achieve your best results. Resistance and pace are always optimized for maximum effectiveness and safety, personalized for each member.

Group Training

Our expert team of instructors take members through a progressive workout that evolves over a two-month period for maximum strength benefits. Our 50-minute classes offer each participant an individual strength and cardio station. The AI-enabled performance treadmills have sled push and parachute running capabilities, while individualized MyEquilibria lifting racks push members to their peak.

Personalized training

Customized one-on-one training targets your unique needs and goals. Our trainers focus on enhancing speed, agility, power and stamina, while also working to discover any body imbalances. This helps to prevent injuries and pushes you past training plateaus to get outstanding results.

youth training

We offer a safe training environment for youth athletes to condition their bodies, with a focus on enhancing sports performance. We are educators who teach youth the science behind training, while also stressing the importance of active recovery.


We focus on keeping our members in optimal health throughout their lives.

At Fountain X, we recognize that training is just one piece of your overall fitness plan. We ensure that our members have access to the most cutting-edge nutritional and active recovery plans so they can always perform at their best.

Every Fountain X member also has access to Fountain Life’s exclusive Precision Diagnostic testing. Their innovative offerings range from early cancer screening that can detect cancer at phase 0 to 1 to full-body MRI and CCTA scans that ensure that our members catch illness early before it becomes life-threatening or disabling.

Health Access

No other gym has the extension of health services provided by Fountain X. We believe in proactive health care, while we work to keep your body looking healthy, we also want to make sure that you are healthy on the inside. Backed by Fountain Life, we offer every Fountain X member access to our Precision Diagnostics testing that catches illness early.


Our Precision Nutrition program offers individual support and customized eating plans based on your specific needs. We monitor glucose and utilize blood tests to find dietary flags that could increase your risk of illness or prevent you from getting your desired results.


Dr. Zachary Kong

Dr Zach

Dr. Zach graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Human Performance as well as from Palmer College of Chiropractic with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Zach is a board certified chiropractic physician who is board certified in physiotherapies. He enjoys optimizing functional human movements to enhance physical performance and uses conservative holistic approaches when treating members, such as low-level laser therapies, flexion-distraction, cupping and scraping techniques during treatments.  When he is not at work, he spends time in the community, playing sports and at the beach.


Membership has its privileges. Select from the option below to join the community and become the best version of yourself in both FITNESS and HEALTH.

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